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MS. Annerike de Bruyn.

With a passion for teaching and a love of sharing my knowledge, I have dedicated myself to helping others reach their full potential. From tutoring classmates to mentoring co-workers, I have always been committed to enhancing the learning of those around me.In addition to teaching, literacy is a key area of interest for me. With over a decade of experience working with international schools and private institutions, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of curricula and student populations. Through research and experimentation with various literacy programs and teaching methods, I have honed my skills in individualized learning and differentiation. Now, I am ready to support any student in need and provide them with the tools necessary for lifelong success in multiple subjects and areas.

MR. Jovan de Bruyn.

I am a dedicated educator with a passion for helping children reach their academic potential and succeed in a school environment. I have a decade of experience in prestigious private international school education and language institutions, where I have gained expertise in the Canadian, American, and British curriculums and best practice educational programs. ​ As a Principal for three out of the ten years, I played a crucial role in establishing four other language schools, utilizing a modified curriculum developed by my wife and I. I was responsible for ensuring my previous school was accredited by MSA (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools), AI (Accreditation International) and NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation), and was also part of the MSA and AI representatives who could attend to other schools to ensure they were meeting high quality education standards. ​ Throughout my career, I have seen firsthand how to support children to meet international standards while also fostering a love of learning.


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