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Pricing Plans

H2O Readers provides the highest-quality instruction and prestigious tutoring services for your child's academic success. 
Consultation & Pre-assessment Process: R 500
                                                       Monthly Packages
                                                                 (Incudes our online Library & Parent Guides)
                                                                   (8 l
essons per month, 1 hour session)
  • Literacy or Math Program Package: R2400 (Private, one on one)
  • Literacy or Math Program Grouped Package: R1500 (Grouped lessons (2-4 children) per month)*
    Contact H20 for availability

                                                       Robotics Lessons
                                                (R140 per 1-hour-lesson)
                                                                      (Monthly and Quarterly payments also available)
  • UARO Level 1-4 (Age 4-8)
  • AIKIRO Level 1-2 (Age 7-12)
  • ROBOKIT Level 1-3 (Age 10+)
  • ROBOKIT Level 4-7 (Contact H2OReaders) 
Transportation is not included in the fees. It will be dependent on area.
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